Economics Ph.D. Admissions

Go to EconSpace for the wiki started by the users of the TestMagic Ph.D. economics discussion forum to discuss "economics programs and admission, fields of interest, and all the other great things that go into deciding to become an economist, training to become an economist, and finally being a great economist". Some analysis of economics admissions decisions posted by TestMagic posters undertaken by a TM participant is hosted here. Another TM participant has produced a helpful guide to the admissions process that may be of special interest to Australian students. Yet another TM poster has even created a map of the top US programs so you can pick a school in an appropriate climate. (Surely these TM guys have too much time on their hands?)

See also (local archive) for useful resources for future economics graduate students, including a ranking of Ph.D. programs. After you've applied, you can watch the admissions results at for the latest gossip on admissions decisions.

Finally, don't forget that the American Economic Association offers a guide to graduate training and careers in economics, as well as discounted student memberships.